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Recent Cases

A long-term resident of one of Detroit’s finest neighborhoods lost her home to the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Sale. We were able to save her home by showing that the Wayne County Register of Deeds mistakenly certified that all of her taxes have been paid when her Warranty Deed was recorded.


A woman and her siblings jointly owned a home in a very prestigious area of Detroit. However, they found they could not sell the property because one sibling, who lived out of state, refused to communicate with them. Once we were hired, we contacted the out of state sibling. She refused to cooperate with us.   So, we filed an Action to Partition, which allows the court to force a sell of the property. After we filed, we were able to obtain a Quit Claim Deed for her interest in the property; and now the siblings can sell the property if they wish.


An investor owned two commercial buildings and owed more to the bank than they were worth. The original loan was with a major bank that eventually sold the loan to an investor. This investor contacted our client to inform him where to send the future payments and to inform the investor he was in default and that in order to avoid a foreclosure he would need to cure the default. The investor hired our firm and we devised a solution involving another lender that allowed our client to pay off the investor and still owe far less on both buildings with the new lender.