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Accidents, Personal Injury, & Insurance Cases

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Recent Cases

A college instructor residence was destroyed in a fire.  Her long-term home insurance company denied her claim claiming the fire appeared to have started suspiciously. The insurance company pulled her credit report and casino gambling records to try to show a connection that the college instructor had motive. Prior to our representation, the insurance company offered nothing. After we got involved, the college instructor was compensated for the loss of her home and personal contents.


Last year a friend of mine, who is self-employed, tripped and fell on the steps of an acquaintance’s home.  He badly injured his ankle. He was unable to work for an extended period of time. After we realized he had achieved maximum physical improvement regarding the injuries sustained from the accident, we contacted the insurance company for the homeowner; and quickly settled without filing an action in court.


A major hospital lost the fetus of a baby. When the mother asked the hospital to send the remains to the funeral home for a memorial service, the hospital admitted that it had lost the fetus. The hospital offered the mother an apology and a plaque before we became involved. After we mediated the case before filing an action, the hospital settled. Unfortunately, the fetus was never located. But at least the mother received compensation. This compensation allowed the mother to pay for counseling, among other things, to help her cope with her loss.