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What our clients say about us:

Reliable, knowledgeable and very trustworthy.

“Traci Richards has been my attorney for over 15 years. She is reliable, knowledgeable and very trustworthy. Over the years, I have referred many people to her; and I will continue to do so. Despite her busy schedule, she has provided me with information to help me grow my real estate business and avoid those people, who in all likelihood would have harmed me and my family’s financial future.”

Andre Johnson Real Estate Investor

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Metropolitan Legal Group, PLLC is a law firm made up of a team of attorneys managed by Traci Richards.

Attorney Richards, has been practicing law for over 22 years. She graduated “summa cum laude’ from Florida A & M University. She is also a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School. Attorney Traci Richards has served as a hearing officer for the Department of Administrative Hearings where she heard and decided cases involving blight in the City of Detroit. Richards has also served as a case evaluator for Wayne and Macomb County.
Most of the lawyers affiliated with Metropolitan Legal Group, PLLC have been practicing in excess of 20 years and/or are graduates of top ten law schools. Our member attorneys must meet strict requirements to serve you in specialty areas, which include:

  • Accidents, Personal Injury, & Insurance
  • Contract Disputes
  • Financial Issues
    • Debt Collection Disputes
    • IRS Audit Representation
  • Real Estate
  • Social Security & Disability


Accidents &
Social Security
& Disability
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The Technology Advantage 

Our law firm is dedicated to providing clients with quality legal services by utilizing the latest technology. This not only helps us reduce the time it takes to prepare your matter, but it also helps us maintain affordable rates. Our extensive use of technology provides us with all the advantages of the big law firms. But more importantly, it makes us better. We achieve efficiencies and creativity that helps us to surpass the level of services offered by larger firms. In essence, you get all of the advantages of working with a small client-driven firm, while still enjoying the benefits of a large firm.

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Our Process

Once your case is referred to an attorney, the manager of our firm is your point of contact with the lawyer referred to you. The manager works with the referred attorney to make sure that you receive timely updates about your case. The manager also makes sure that you are doing your part, for example, by regularly seeing your physician and helping to ensure that your doctor documents your condition in the medical reports.
Also, the manager assists you with preserving any relevant evidence. The manager points out weaknesses in your case to help you correct anything that can be corrected or at the very least give you a realistic expectation about your case, so that surprise outcomes are eliminated or at least minimized.  Those who perform work for our firm view Traci Richards as an excellent role model and an asset to the firm. She has experience and expertise,  working successfully with many types of people and helping them achieve successful outcomes.


Consultation & Mediation

Not of all of our legal representation results in litigation. We have advised churches and other nonprofits on real estate acquisitions, refinancing and breach of contract disputes.


This firm works closely with other lawyers to achieve great results for our clients. We are not limited to working with only a set group of lawyers. Instead, we select lawyers from other firms; if that would help our clients and our clients never pay more because of it.